Cook Without The Book: Simple Student Snacking

Cook Without The Book: Simple Student Snacking


All of the months of studying and hard work have finally paid off. As you pack up everything but the kitchen sink to move into your new home at university, your parents will no doubt introduce you to kitchen accessories and appliances that you never knew existed! Once freshers’ week is over and you can’t stomach another takeaway, your only option will be to unpack the kitchen tools and get cooking.

To stop any disputes and make living with your new flatmates a little easier, kit yourself out with some colourful kitchenware, which will help you on your way to becoming the culinary master of your house. We’ve selected our favourite simple recipes to help students get started in their new home away from home.


 Pasta Bake


Pasta bakes are a tasty and easy way to ensure you are fuelled for the rest of your day. Cooking a large portion allows you to prepare extra dishes for the rest of the week, when you may find yourself buried in books in the library. This is also a great housewarming dish for students to bring housemates together.




Salter Suggestion: Student accommodation can sometimes have its faults, including the ovens. Ensure your oven cooks at your required temperature with the Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer Oven probe.


Thai Curry


If you are tight on a budget the option of takeaways may not be available, however, you can create similar tasty dishes from the comfort of your own home, without breaking the budget. Pack your cupboard full of spices, curry paste and coconut milk and you’ll be ready to whip up a classic curry, whatever the occasion.




Salter Suggestion: Want to make a curry recipe unique for you? Edit your recipes via the Salter Cook app and create the perfect custom dish. For example, if you prefer your curries to be mild or extra spicy.





Breakfast may be one of those meals students often skip or forget about, due to the rush to get to a 9AM Lecture. However, with this quick and easy recipe can be stored for up to a month in an airtight container and therefore can be great to grab and go to eat on your journey to your lecture hall or society meeting.




Salter Suggestion: Want to measure your quantities accurately? Sync your recipe on the Salter Cook app to the Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Scale for accuracy.





This recipe is perfect for those days when the food stock in your fridge is running a little low. If you have eggs, an omelette is a quick and nutritious meal that can be customised with numerous different ingredients depending on your personal preferences. Add a little spice to your dish with this chilli and cheese omelette.




Salter Suggestions: Want to change the ingredients used? Simply download the recipe onto the Salter Cook app and edit the recipe to include your preferred ingredients.



Kit Out Your Kitchen with these essentials…


Bluetooth Scales and Thermometer

Salter Cook provides the unique opportunity to convert online recipes and bring the ultimate interactive kitchen experience to your home.  Simply store your favourite recipes on your Salter Cook app and follow them with ease by syncing your app to the Bluetooth scales and thermometer. You can even have your shopping list at the ready when you’re at the supermarket, with the option to check off ingredients as you go.

Download the Salter Cook App for Free. 


Waterproof Kitchen Scale

In the student kitchen, it’s not uncommon for spillages to occur, whether that be drinks or food. If you are a keen baker or just want to keep your kitchen clean a waterproof kitchen scale is ideal for you. This scale can join the rest of your dishes in the washing up bowl to avoid any extra mess in your kitchen.



Ensure you are well prepared to create a cooking masterpiece whilst you are away at university. Whilst your creations may only come close to the delight of a home cooked meal – ensuring you are prepared with the right equipment before heading off to university is the first step, and who knows you may be the next applicant for The Great British Bake Off. 

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