Cook Without The Book: Fantastic Family Fun

Cook Without The Book: Fantastic Family Fun


For many of us, the heart of our home is the kitchen. It’s where memories are made, as the whole family gathers to work together to create fun and tasty recipes to pass down through generations. So how can you spread the fun of food in your family? Well if The Big Family Cooking Showdown is anything to go by, it’s simply by getting everyone in the family involved with basic recipes, and before you know it they will become culinary experts. Here are some of our favourite recipes to make family cooking fun for everyone :


Chocolate Fudge Cake



Nothing beats the memories of having your kids helping in the kitchen. Want to inspire your little ones for the next Junior Bake Off? Get the kids involved with making this classic chocolate fudge cake, that the whole family can enjoy as a delicious dessert.

Salter Suggestion: Ensure your oven is baking just right by measuring the temperature with the Salter Cook Bluetooth thermometer oven probe. You’d be surprised how much difference there is between the temperatures of different types of ovens.



Simple Stir Fry



There is always time for teenagers to help in the kitchen. By getting your teens in the kitchen they will be prepared for cooking a variety of dishes before they head off to University. So they won’t be reliant on just beans on toast. Ensure they are eating a healthy diet and learning the fun of cooking with this simple stir-fry, packed full of flavour.

Salter Suggestion: Not keen on a specific ingredient? Download the recipe to your Salter Cook app to change the details of the recipe for your preferences.



Fish Cake Fingers




Help your children make a big batch of fish cake fingers for a family dinner, or for when their new friends from school are invited over. These are a great way of getting omega-3-rich fish into your child’s diet. There are plenty of jobs for children of different age groups to get involved with, younger children will enjoy mashing and smashing while older children will enjoy shaping the cakes. Once cooked simply serve the dish with pride.

Salter Suggestion: Prevent fingers from getting burnt – Sync your Salter Cook app to the Bluetooth Thermometer oven probe, which will ensure your dish is cooked at the correct temperature.


Chocolate Cornflake Cakes





Allow the kids to help prepare the perfect treat for their school lunchboxes. This recipe is perfect to get the kids helping in the kitchen, whilst also saving parents the rush of finding an extra snack for their lunch box in the early hours of the morning.

Salter Suggestion: Follow recipes with ease by syncing your Salter Cook app to the Bluetooth Kitchen Scale, which will ensure all measurements of ingredients are accurate.


Enjoy family fun in the kitchen with Salter!

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