Cook Without The Book: Best of British BBQs

Cook Without The Book: Best of British BBQs


The Summer Bank Holiday is here!  For many of us, that means an extra-long weekend full of fun in the sun. With that in mind, there is still time to cook up the perfect barbecue for your family and friends, before the kids go back to school and before we all wrap up for the Autumn weather. A barbecue gives you the perfect chance to enjoy great food and company, however, the British weather is not the most reliable. Why not try the recipes below to cook the perfect platter for your friends and family? rain or shine


Barbecued Fajita Steak



Adding a twist to a statement dish is the perfect way to add something unique to your BBQ this Summer, without having to depend on the good weather. Whether your preference is a soft fillet steak, tasty sirloin or thriftier cut like rump, care and attention should be paid when cooking your meat. With only a few minutes between rare and well-done, timing and temperatures are key. Ensure everyone has their steak cooked to their preferred type with this temperature guide below.


Steak Doneness Remove from Grill at this Temperature Final Cooked Temperature
Rare 54 to 57°C 54 to 60°C
Medium Rare 60°C 62°C
Medium 68°C 71°C
Well Done 73°C 76°C


Salter Suggestion: Why not sync the Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer meat probe to this recipe to ensure the meat is cooked at the perfect temperature




Spatchcock Piri Piri Chicken



Why spend unnecessary money at your local Nando’s when you can create a flavour infused feast from the comfort of your own home. Chicken recipes are perfect for the unreliable weather, as almost all recipes can easily be made inside if those pesky showers persist.


Salter Suggestion:  Ovens and grills cooking temperatures can vary. Ensure your meat is cooked at the correct temperature with our Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer Oven Probe – This will alert you through your Salter Cook app if the temperature is too high.




Texas BBQ Medley



Not all BBQ attendees can be satisfied with one simple dish. Get the best out of your BBQ with this medley. This recipe requires careful attention to time to ensure the meat is tenderly cooked, as well making sure the meat can easily come away from the bone. Ensure your dishes burst with flavour with a unique rub, that will have all of your guests asking how their dish has such a terrific taste.


Salter Suggestion: Why not sync the Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer meat probe and the Salter Cook App to this recipe to ensure it is cooked at the perfect temperature? With alerts for temperature and timings.


Enjoy a Bank Holiday BBQ and have some fun in the sun with Salter Cook!

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