Sticking to “New Year, new you” ?

Firstly, we’d like to start off by stating that we don’t really support the whole “New year, New you” theme. It’s overdone, dated and not a very modern way of welcoming you into the New Year.

Basically, it’s tacky and we hate it.

This year, why not retain the same you, and focus more on certain goals you’re aiming to achieve? Don’t forget everything you practiced last year – just introduce some balance 😉 .


Here are some top tips for helping you stick to those healthier lifestyle changes!

It’s just another day

New Year’s Day isn’t spectacularly different from any other day (well apart from that first day of the year malarkey), so technically deciding to make a resolution on this day isn’t different from any other day! Placing too much emphasis on making a big change can make it seem like a BIG commitment, and you’ll only be beating yourself up when you cave and eat that bar of chocolate you swore you wouldn’t have. Think of your resolution as a bit of a trial run and just see how it goes … no pressure.


Don’t push yourself too hard

Decided to make several resolutions this year? We’ve all been there – heading to the gym to kick-start that new routine, then eating a salad for lunch because you’re trying to cut down on sugar and before you know it you’re dying to veg out in front of the telly with a bowl of popcorn. It’s great to set several goals for yourself this year, but if you try too much at once, if might be a shock to the system! Ease yourself into your new routine and take some time to treat yourself now and again ;).


Be specific (with goals)

Telling yourself that you’ll “try a new activity” this year might be a little too vague. Try “This year I want to join a tennis club” or “This year I want to pass my grade 1 on piano”. Being specific with your goals will provide you with direction and make it simple to get to where you want to be.


Get mindful

There are going to be moments this year where you feel like it’s all getting a bit much. 2017 couldn’t be a better time to give mindfulness a go. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a great introduction to meditation and giving your mind a rest. Google it to get an idea 😉 .


Get a buddy

If you’ve got a friend that also wants to make a change this year, pair up and work together! Having someone that understands what you’re aiming for makes that journey much easier. It’s also harder to get out of going to the gym if you’ve got somebody relying on you 😉 .


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