Cook without the book : Liven up your lunches

Packed lunches are essential to many of us in our daily lives, whether you are packing lunches for the kids going to school or making lunch for your day at the office. However, thinking up inspiring new ideas can be a challenge, with many of us falling into a repetitive routine or relying on the local supermarket lunchtime options. Although it may seem like these quick options are the easy answer, they tend to be high in fat, salt and sugar.

Most of us end up having the same lunch every day, in fact, more than a third of office workers have eaten the same midday meal for the last nine months. Does this sound like you? Break out of your lunchtime habits and eat something that will taste good and can save you some money along the way. We’ve selected some of our favourite lunchtime recipes to help you get started.



Pizza Pasta Salad


Ever had a lunchtime craving for a pizza? Why not try this healthy alternative that includes all of your favourite ingredients in a simple salad bowl. Just like making your own custom pizza, you can do the same with this tasty lunch. Pack as much as you need into a small container to make the perfect pasta salad for you.




Tortellini with pesto & broccoli




A tasty way to get more than 1 of your 5 a day. This simple salad pot is perfect for those who are not keen on spice but love a bit of flavour in their meals. Simple and quick, this is the perfect dish for those early starts, whether you prepare this the night before or even in the morning.




Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl


Add some spice to your lunch with this tasty lunchtime treat. If you are a lover of takeaway food this lunch is ideal for you. Create a dish that features your favourite blend of spices. If you don’t have time to cook rice the night before or in the morning, simply grab a microwaveable rice bag.






Lemon Roasted Salmon & Sweet Potatoes


For those of you trying to ensure you are eating clean to follow your fitness routine, this lunch is the perfect combination of essential food groups. This will help you to keep going throughout your day at the office as well as your gym sessions.





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