Cook Without The Book: Simple Student Snacking

Cook Without The Book: Simple Student Snacking

  All of the months of studying and hard work have finally paid off. As you pack up everything but the kitchen sink to move into your new home at university, your parents will no doubt introduce you to kitchen accessories and appliances that you never knew existed! Once freshers’ week is over and you …

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Crème Egg Crispy Cakes
Kitchen Notes of Nutmeg Recipes

Crème Egg Crispy Cakes

 With Easter just around the corner, any party or Easter Egg hunt would be incomplete without these easy and fun-to-make treats. Inspired by the humble crème egg, these are great for anyone with a sweet tooth. The white of the egg is made from marshmallow fluff; this is an American marshmallow-y spread which you can …

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Kitchen Notes of Nutmeg Recipes

Try my ‘Brookie’

  What do you get if you cross a brownie with a cookie? Imagine the richest brownie you’ve ever tasted. Now top it with a delicious soft-baked cookie. Welcome to the beautiful world of the brookie. A friend introduced me to this amazing recipe which combines two of the world’s yummiest bakes into one beautiful …

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Stop being a Sloth: How to get Motivated

We love sloths. They’ve shot to fame since the internet fell in love with their strange long arms, cute little faces and ‘take it slow’ approach. Unfortunately, this post isn’t about those kind of sloths. We’re sorry if that’s why you’re here – please see “Cute Sloths Being Cute“. We’re talking about one of the Seven …

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Kitchen Lifestyle

Homemade Santa Sleigh Stocking Fillers!

🎵Sleigh bells ringgg, are you listening?🎵 Christmas is nearly here and those stockings won’t fill themselves 😉 . Your stocking gifts this year may feature satsumas, stationary, socks, gloves or possibly coal (if somebody’s not been playing by the rules this year). But sweet treats will always make an appearance at Christmas and we’ve stumbled across …

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Choc-Chip Banana Cupcakes
Blog Kitchen Notes of Nutmeg Recipes

Choc-Chip Banana Cupcakes

Okay, so I LOVE banana cake. I can confidently say that choc chip banana loaf is my all-time favourite and these cupcakes are a really cute alternative! I wasn’t sure of the recipe at first because the cupcakes on their own are very sweet but with the dark, smooth, slightly bitter ganache on top, it …

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