How to make the Perfect Christmas Dinner

How To Make The Perfect Christmas Dinner

Preparing a roast dinner any time of year can be a stressful process, let alone on Christmas Day! With lots of people to cook for and all the trimmings to prep amongst presents being opened and the excitement of Father Christmas coming to visit, you need an easy and effective way to remember and prepare …

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Benefits of Tracking Your Weight

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started. If you’re someone who loves staying fit, you’ll probably be aware of the process of tracking and monitoring your weight and its benefits. However, with our busy schedule, it can be easy to lose track of your current health situation. Depending upon how much you …

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Kitchen Lifestyle

How To Throw A Last Minute Halloween Party

Planning any party can be stressful however when it comes to Halloween there seems to be a lot of pressure to throw the most extravagant and spooky party ever! However, with a few simple and quick recipes as well as easy DIY decorations, throwing a last-minute party has never been easier. Spooky Spider Biscuits  This …

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5 Benefits of using a cooking thermometer

5 Benefits of Using a Cooking Thermometer

  It’s easy to fall into a routine when cooking your favourite meals, but it’s always important to ensure that your food is safe to eat. After enjoying a fun-filled barbecue, some of us may complain that we feel unwell from sitting out in the sun too long when instead, it could have been something …

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3 Major Benefits of Tennis: Why Should You Start Playing?

3 Major Benefits of Tennis: Why Should You Start Playing?

  As we move into summer, we welcome the UK’s biggest tennis tournament – Wimbledon. The inspiring performance of the professional athletes will encourage many of us to pick up a tennis racket and try the sport– but have you ever wondered what the real benefits of playing tennis are? There are always new workout …

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5 ways to enjoy your summer and keep fit

5 Ways To Enjoy Your Summer And Keep Fit

  Summer is often thought of as the time of year to focus on fitness, especially after indulging in a variety of foods during winter. We’ve all been in the position of being stuck in the gym and wishing we were out enjoying the sunshine but guess what? It is possible to enjoy the warm weather …

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Cactus Cupcakes
Blog Kitchen Notes of Nutmeg Recipes

Notes of Nutmeg – Cactus Cupcake Recipe

Summer is almost here! It’s the time of year that we’re looking for new activities to keep us busy whilst we enjoy the good weather.  Last summer, I decided to take up cacti collecting. I loved trawling round garden centres and flower shows to find the new addition to my little cactus plant family.  Some of the real …

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