Cook without the book: Florida Favourites

Florida is famous for its fantastic theme parks including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens. Whilst the theme parks might be known for their high-speed roller coasters, a variety of tasty treats can also be found for you to enjoy whilst you make your way through the parks. But did you know you could easily make your own versions of these snacks from the comfort of your own home? We’ve put together some of a favourite food from Florida, that you can easily recreate and will also help to save you some money if you do plan to visit the famous theme parks.


The Grey Stuff – Magic Kingdom

This recipe is a must for all Disney lovers. This delicious dessert can be found at the beautiful ‘Be Our Guest’ restaurant in Magic Kingdom. Make your home feel like a castle, with the famous dessert Belle enjoys in Beauty and The Beast. As Lumiere once said – ‘Try the Grey Stuff, It’s delicious!’

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Witch Hat Cupcake – Wizarding World of Harry Potter

You don’t have to be a witch or wizard to know the best part of the Hogwarts Express is the tasty treats from the Honeydukes trolley. Though there is no mention of these cupcakes in the Harry Potter books, they will bring a touch of magic to your morning commute. 

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Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookie – Epcot

Whilst walking around the parks you will constantly see offers for hot dog, fries and all sorts of savoury snacks. Why not try something different with this sweet twist on a classic cookie, which combines some of our favourite Autumn flavours.

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Simpsons Doughnut – Universal Studios

Everyone knows Homer Simpson’s favourite snack is a delicious doughnut. But bigger is, better right? Try this giant doughnut recipe to create your favourite Simpsons snack at home.

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Brookies – Universal Studios

Whilst not themed after any film or ride this delightful recipe is the perfect combination of our favourite sweet treats. If you’re someone who can’t decide between a brownie or a cookie – this recipe is for you.

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Save any of these recipes to the Salter Cook app, and create your own interactive cookbook!

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Cook without the book : Liven up your lunches

With many children now back at school with packed lunches, as well as office and outdoor workers relying on a packed lunch, it’s clear what an essential contribution lunchboxes make to daily life. However, thinking up inspiring new ideas can be a challenge, with many of us falling into a repetitive routine or relying on the local supermarket lunchtime options . Although it may seem like these quick options are the easy answer, they tend to be high in fat, salt and sugar.

Most of us end up having the same lunch every day, in fact more than a third of office workers have eaten the same midday meal for the last nine months. Does this sound like you ? Break out of your lunchtime habits and eat something that will taste good and can actually save you some money along the way. We’ve selected some of our favourite lunchtime recipes to help you get started.

Pizza Pasta Salad



Ever had a lunchtime craving for a pizza. Why not try this healthy alternative that includes all of your favourite ingredients in a simply salad bowl. Just like making your own custom pizza, you can do the same with this tasty lunch. Pack as much as you need into a small container to make the perfect pasta salad for you.



Tortellini with pesto & broccoli




#A tasty way to get more than 1 of your 5 a day. This simple salad pot if perfect for those who are not keen on spice but love a bit of flavour in their meals. Simple and quick this is the perfect dish for those early starts whether you prepare this the night before or even in the morning.



Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl



Add some spice to your lunch with this tasty lunchtime treat. If you are a lover of takeaway food this lunch is ideal for you – create a dish that features your favourite blend of spices. If you don’t have time to cook rice the night before or in the morning, simply grab a microwaveable rice bag.



Lemon Roasted Salmon & Sweet Potatoes



For those of you trying to ensure you are eating clean to follow your fitness routine this lunch is the perfect combination of essential food groups that will help you to keep you going throughout your day at the office as well as your gym sessions.

Cook Without The Book: Simple Student Snacking

All of the months of studying and hard work have finally paid off. As you pack up everything but the kitchen sink to move into your new home at university, your parents will no doubt introduce you to kitchen accessories and appliances that you never knew existed! Once freshers’ week is over and you can’t stomach another takeaway, your only option will be to unpack the kitchen tools and get cooking.

To stop any disputes and make living with your new flatmates a little easier, kit yourself out with some colourful kitchenware, which will help you on your way to becoming the culinary master of your house. We’ve selected our favourite simple recipes to help students get started in their new home away from home.


 Pasta Bake


Pasta bakes are an tasty and easy way to ensure you are fuelled for the rest of your day. Cooking a large portion allows you to prepare extra dishes for the rest of the week, when you may find yourself buried in books in the library. This is also a great housewarming dish for students to bring housemates together.

Salter Suggestion : Student accommodation can sometimes have its faults, including the ovens. Ensure you oven cooks at your required temperature with the Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer Oven probe.


Thai Curry


If you are tight on a budget the option of take away may not be available, however you can create similar tasty dishes from the comfort of your own home, without breaking the budget. Pack your cupboard full of spices, curry paste and coconut milk and you’ll be ready to whip up a classic Asian curry, whatever the occasion.

Salter Suggestion: Want to make a curry recipe unique for you, edit your recipes via the Salter Cook app and create the perfect custom dish for example if you prefer your curries to be mild or extra spicy.





Breakfast may be one of those meals at university students often skip or forget about due to the rush to get to a 9AM Lecture. However with this quick and easy recipe can be stored for up to a month in an airtight container and therefore can be great to grab and go to eat on your journey to your lecture hall or society meeting.

Salter Suggestion: Want to measure your quantities accurately sync your recipe on the Salter Cook app to the Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Scale for accuracy.





This recipe is perfect for those days when the food stock in your fridge is running a little low. If you have eggs an omelette is a quick and nutritious meal that can be customised with numerous different ingredients depending on your personal preferences. Add a little spice to your dish with this chilli and cheese omelette.

Salter Suggestions : Want to change the ingredients used? Simply download the recipe onto the Salter Cook app and edit the recipe to include your preferred ingredients.



Kit Out Your Kitchen with these essentials…


Bluetooth Scales and Thermometer

Salter Cook  provides the unique opportunity to convert online recipes and bring the ultimate interactive kitchen experience to your home. Want to ensure you always have access to your mum’s famous recipes? Simply store them on your Salter Cook app and follow the recipes with ease by syncing your app to the Bluetooth scales and thermometer. You can even have your shopping list at the ready when your at the supermarket and check off ingredients as you go.

Download the Salter Cook App for Free. 


Waterproof Kitchen Scale

In student kitchen its not uncommon for spillages to occur, whether that be drinks or food. If you are a keen baker or just want to keep your kitchen clean a waterproof kitchen scale is ideal for you. This scale can join the rest of your dishes in the washing up bowl to avoid any extra mess in your kitchen.



Ensure you are well prepared to create a cooking masterpiece whilst you are away at university. Whilst you creations may only come close to the delight of a home cooked meal – ensuring you are prepared with the right equipment before heading off to university, is the first step and who knows you may be the next applicant for The Great British Bake Off. 

Cook without the Book : Best of British BBQs


The Summer Bank Holiday is here!  For many of us that means an extra-long weekend full of fun in the sun. With that in mind, there is still time to cook up the perfect BBQ for your family and friends, before the kids go back to school and before we all wrap up for the Autumn weather. A BBQ gives you the perfect chance to enjoy the good weather, however the British weather is not the most reliable , why not try the recipes below to cook the perfect platter for your friends and family, rain or shine.


Barbecued Fajita Steak



Adding a twist on a statement dish is the perfect way to add something unique to your BBQ this Summer, without having to depend on the good weather. Whether your preference is a soft fillet steak, tasty sirloin or thriftier cut like rump, care and attention should be paid when cooking your meat. With only a few minutes between rare and well-done, timing and temperatures are key. Ensure everyone has their steak cooked to their preferred  type with this temperature guide below.


Steak Doneness Remove from Grill at this Temperature Final Cooked Temperature
Rare 130 to 135°F 130 to 140°F
Medium Rare 140°F 145°F
Medium 155°F 160°F
Well Done 165°F 170°F


Salter Suggestion : Why not sync the Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer meat probe to this recipe to ensure the meat is cooked at the perfect temperature




Spatchcock Piri Piri Chicken



Why spend unnecessary money at your local Nando’s when you can create a flavour infused feast from the comfort of your own home. Chicken recipes are perfect for the unreliable weather, as almost all recipes can easily be made inside if those pesky showers persist.


Salter Suggestion:  Ovens and grills cooking temperatures can vary ensure your meat is cooked at the correct temperature with our Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer Oven Probe – This will alert you through your Salter Cook app if the temperature is too high.




Texas BBQ Medley



Not all BBQ-goers can be satisfied with one simple dish. Get the best out of your BBQ with this medley. This recipe requires careful attention to time to ensure the meat is tenderly cooked, as well making sure the meat can can easily come away from the bone. Ensure your dishes burst with flavour with a unique rub, that will have all of your guests asking how their dish has such a terrific taste.


Salter Suggestion: Why not sync the Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer meat probe and the Salter Cook App to this recipe to ensure it is cooked at the perfect temperature with alerts for temperature and timings.


Enjoy a Bank Holiday BBQ and have some fun in the sun with Salter Cook!

Salter Cook is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play Store

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Summer Shape: Keep on track

Summer is finally here! It’s time to whip out the BBQs, grab those swimsuits and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation in the sun. The months leading up to summer can involve intense gym routines and specific nutrition plans to ensure you are on track to reaching your fitness goals. However, all of this hard work does not have to suddenly disappear after enjoying a couple of ice creams at the beach. Below we have included just a few tips on how to keep your progress consistent through summer, until the chilly Autumn weather arrives.

Keep Hydrated

It is essential that every day we keep our body regularly hydrated. In Summer, this is more important than ever with rising temperatures causing dehydration. Make sure you keep a water bottle on hand whether you are at the beach or in the gym. To accurately keep track of your body water percentage why not try using a smart scale? This can help you to keep an eye on your hydration levels. For more information on how much water you should be drinking daily click here.

Take your work out outside

Make the most of the sun and take your training outdoors! Whether you go on a bike ride with friends or have a game of football in the park, you have so many more opportunities outside of the gym to keep yourself active this summer. For outdoor workout tips click here

Season of fruits

Summer is the perfect time of year to satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthy snack with strawberries, blueberries and watermelon being in season. For more information regarding the best seasons for different fruits and vegetables click here.

Keep track of your progress

Everyone has different fitness goals in mind, whether you are training heavily towards an athletic competition or simply wanting to tone up, keeping track of your progress in crucial. Your weight can be influenced by a variety of different factors. Smart Scales are a fantastic way of keep track of your progress, have a look at our body analyser scales for the best results. Click here to find out which scale is perfect for you.

Baking with Mum

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, but we know you’ve got it covered … haven’t you? If it’s still on your to-do list, don’t fret, we’ve got the perfect idea …

No, it’s not pearls…We want to take things back to the kitchen and get you baking with mum again! From desserts to main meals, as long as you’re doing it together, we’re happy. It doesn’t matter how old you are, we all did baking with mum when we were young, so why not rekindle the tradition?

This year, we’re bringing back the good old days and want to encourage you to get #BakingWithMum. Check out our range of bake-worthy gifts to get the pin rolling ;).

Salter Cook

The ultimate personalised cookbook, Salter Cook can cater to mum’s tastes. Vegan? Sweet tooth? She can simply collect a range of online recipes she likes and store them in the Salter Cook app – accessible at the tap of a button. That’s right, ANY online recipe, and it’s free! This clever app takes all the key information from the webpage and converts it in an easy-to-read, interactive recipe. She can even enter recipes manually to keep track of traditional favourites!

Connecting to the Bluetooth Recipe Scale and Thermometer this range introduces a smarter way of cooking, check out the video to get a feel for it:

Colour Weigh

Simple, stylish and strong spring to mind when using the Salter Disc Scales. Available in a range of colours, there’s a reason this nifty kitchen accessory is a Salter bestseller! Designed with ‘Add & Weigh’ and Aquatronic features, you can measure multiple ingredients in one bowl and even measure liquids! Save time on the washing-up and get accurate measurements from something that looks trendy on the kitchen surface. Make baking easy and fun with a Salter classic!


It’s a match!

A metallic kitchen scale is a must-have for the modern mum who needs an upgrade. Designed with a copper or black glass surface, this stylish scale is eye catching and matches a range of Salter pans and accessories – just in case mum want’s to kit our the whole kitchen ;). The smooth touch sensitive buttons make it a dream to clean, no corners or cracks for dirt to hide!


Last but not least, we have the Salter Vintage Retro Scale! Getting back to basics, this mechanical scale comes with a dishwasher-safe stainless steel (1.3 litre) bowl. Ideal for those that love the retro look and feelings of nostalgia it brings, you can measure in metric or imperial units fast and easy. This is perfect for the mum that prefers to measure ingredients the classic ‘weigh’. No batteries, no buttons, no hassle ;).

We’re also running a competition over on our Facebook page for the chance to win the Salter Cook range! Get #BakingWithMum to win your very own recipe scale and thermometer now!


Stop being a Sloth: How to get Motivated

We love sloths. They’ve shot to fame since the internet fell in love with their strange long arms, cute little faces and ‘take it slow’ approach. Unfortunately, this post isn’t about those kind of sloths. We’re sorry if that’s why you’re here – please see “Cute Sloths Being Cute“.

We’re talking about one of the Seven Deadly Sins, associated with feelings of laziness and a sluggish mindset: Slothfulness.

We’ve all felt the sloth from time to time, its long arms draped around your shoulders (metaphorical sloth, not cute sloth), dragging you down and telling you to neglect your responsibilities. After all, it’s so easy to give that project an extra day (or week) and put off that task for a while longer…

But enough is enough!

It’s time to shake that attitude away and start the year with a sloth free mindset. Get motivated and reach your goals without letting that negativity get you down.

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve tried writing a to-do list, you’ve done the glass of lemon water in the morning, you’ve watched the motivational YouTube clips and decluttered your workspace – yet it’s still a struggle. Do not fear, whilst these things are helpful, motivation requires a change in mindset. It’s a tricky thing to get your head around and it won’t be easy, but it’s so worth it. Here are a few tips to help you make that change.


Be positive
Yes, it sounds like a big first step, but it’s key. Most people procrastinate when they’re in a bad mood and entertain negative thoughts as opposed to positive. This mostly comes down to fear. It’s easy to explore worst case scenarios and worry about a task instead of getting started, but that’s where fear can keep you demotivated. Separate unknown worries and feel confident you can handle anything that gets in the way of your goal. Keep the glass half full.


Reward yourself
There’s no use starting a project all at once, break it down into manageable tasks and tackle each one individually. Once you’ve completed a task, reward yourself for doing well (the reward can be anything you like). Studies have shown that after completing a demanding job, rewarding ourselves makes us feel energised. If you deprive yourself of reward, you may feel burnt-out and less likely to continue with your good work.

Get in with the right crowd
Peer pressure. It’s bad right? Don’t do things you don’t want to, just to fit in. Agreed. But we’re talking about a healthy kind of peer pressure ;).
Research has indicated that the groups of people you associate with are a good predictor of the sort of person you’ll become. For example, if you’re socialising with friends that regularly give-up on endeavours and practice activities you’re trying to avoid, it’s only natural that you will adopt these behaviours. Start hanging out with the people who are self-motivated and their habits will rub off on you. Give it a go!


This should be enough to get you started, it’ll take time and it won’t be easy, so good luck! But if you have other suggestions you’ve found useful yourself, we’d love to know!



Sticking to “New Year, new you” ?

Firstly, we’d like to start off by stating that we don’t really support the whole “New year, New you” theme. It’s overdone, dated and not a very modern way of welcoming you into the New Year.

Basically, it’s tacky and we hate it.

This year, why not retain the same you, and focus more on certain goals you’re aiming to achieve? Don’t forget everything you practiced last year – just introduce some balance 😉 .


Here are some top tips for helping you stick to those healthier lifestyle changes!

It’s just another day

New Year’s Day isn’t spectacularly different from any other day (well apart from that first day of the year malarkey), so technically deciding to make a resolution on this day isn’t different from any other day! Placing too much emphasis on making a big change can make it seem like a BIG commitment, and you’ll only be beating yourself up when you cave and eat that bar of chocolate you swore you wouldn’t have. Think of your resolution as a bit of a trial run and just see how it goes … no pressure.


Don’t push yourself too hard

Decided to make several resolutions this year? We’ve all been there – heading to the gym to kick-start that new routine, then eating a salad for lunch because you’re trying to cut down on sugar and before you know it you’re dying to veg out in front of the telly with a bowl of popcorn. It’s great to set several goals for yourself this year, but if you try too much at once, if might be a shock to the system! Ease yourself into your new routine and take some time to treat yourself now and again ;).


Be specific (with goals)

Telling yourself that you’ll “try a new activity” this year might be a little too vague. Try “This year I want to join a tennis club” or “This year I want to pass my grade 1 on piano”. Being specific with your goals will provide you with direction and make it simple to get to where you want to be.


Get mindful

There are going to be moments this year where you feel like it’s all getting a bit much. 2017 couldn’t be a better time to give mindfulness a go. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a great introduction to meditation and giving your mind a rest. Google it to get an idea 😉 .


Get a buddy

If you’ve got a friend that also wants to make a change this year, pair up and work together! Having someone that understands what you’re aiming for makes that journey much easier. It’s also harder to get out of going to the gym if you’ve got somebody relying on you 😉 .