5 Easy Picnic Recipes That You Will Love!

5 Easy Picnic Recipes That You Will Love!

“Sunny days mean picnics!” Who doesn’t love a good picnic? Whether it’s for the whole afternoon or even just stealing half an hour from your lunch break, it just feels good! And especially with tricky British weather, we finally are being promised some brighter days ahead of us, so it’s only reasonable to make the …

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Food To Set The Mood: Delicious Dinner Recipes For Two

February is the month of love and it speaks of elegance, class, fancy meals and hearts! However, if you don’t feel like spending heavily on an expensive, and most probably a crowded date in a restaurant this Valentine’s Day but are also worried at the same time on what to do for dinner, Salter has …

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How a Kitchen Scale Can Keep You Healthy

When it comes to baked goods and other recipes, weighing ingredients is a mindful practice. It’s already 2019! How many people can say they’ve kept up their New Year’s resolutions so far? Maybe yours was to keep fit and improve the way you eat? Keeping yourself motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle can be tricky, …

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Creative Centrepiece Ideas for Christmas

Creative Centrepiece Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and it wouldn’t be a festive feast without the magnificent centrepiece! Thanks to a national fondness for tradition, turkey may remain the centrepiece. However, for those who aren’t the bird’s biggest fan, we’ve gathered a few non-turkey crowd pleasers that you can bring to the table instead and make it …

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How to make the Perfect Christmas Dinner

How To Make The Perfect Christmas Dinner

Preparing a roast dinner any time of year can be a stressful process, let alone on Christmas Day! With lots of people to cook for and all the trimmings to prep amongst presents being opened and the excitement of Father Christmas coming to visit, you need an easy and effective way to remember and prepare …

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How To Throw A Last Minute Halloween Party

Planning any party can be stressful however when it comes to Halloween there seems to be a lot of pressure to throw the most extravagant and spooky party ever! However, with a few simple and quick recipes as well as easy DIY decorations, throwing a last-minute party has never been easier. Spooky Spider Biscuits  This …

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