How to make the Perfect Christmas Dinner

How To Make The Perfect Christmas Dinner

Preparing a roast dinner any time of year can be a stressful process, let alone on Christmas Day! With lots of people to cook for and all the trimmings to prep amongst presents being opened and the excitement of Father Christmas coming to visit, you need an easy and effective way to remember and prepare everything from the stuffing to the pigs in blankets! With the benefits of using digital kitchen appliances, you can be sure to enjoy the day whilst making a delicious meal!

Most definitely one of the key parts of making the perfect Christmas dinner is to prepare early!! Getting organised will really help you on the day and you would be surprised at how many of the dishes you can make in advance, saving you so much time and stress. One of my mum’s tips is to parboil your potatoes the night before and freeze them meaning you don’t have to be peeling potatoes from 9 am on Christmas morning. Some other elements you can also make in advance include your gravy, bread sauce and of course Christmas pudding. This, in fact, tastes better when made a few months in advance as it allows all the juices and alcohol to really penetrate the fruit!

Another really important tip is to make sure you have all the right equipment including pans, oven trays and knives. If you’re planning on making lots of dishes from scratch, Salter Cook can provide you with an ultimate interactive and digital experience, whether you need to weigh out the sugar for your cranberry jelly or measure up how many sultanas you’re going to need for your Christmas pud, our top-of-the-range Bluetooth Pro Kitchen Scale equips you with modern advantages to the traditional mechanical scale. Allowing you to save recipes with our Salter Cook App you can ensure you have everything ready for the big day way in advance and if you’re stuck for ideas, recipes are only a click away! Timing and accuracy are essential on Christmas Day but with the app you can easily plan and set multiple timers and name them, ensuring everything is cooked to perfection without confusion! Part of the Salter Cook Bluetooth range includes a thermometer which can measure both oven and food temperatures. The recommended temperature for a perfectly cooked turkey is around 65 degrees Celsius, so with the Salter Cook app just set the required temperature as a target and wait!

One of my family’s favourite Christmas desserts (other than Christmas Pudding) to have over the festive season is a yule log- my Grandmother has been making one for years and its definitely something I store in my Salter Cook app so I can use it every year, making sure I get all the quantities right. If you don’t have your own recipes to enter into the app, you can easily save them straight from the internet. You could even try an alternative to the traditional chocolate recipe by using salted caramel, making a great centrepiece for the table! There are many other festive treats you can try; mince pies, trifle, hot toddy fruit cake or maybe a festive cheesecake! Remember to cook what you and your family like on Christmas Day, don’t feel the need to have to produce every single dish especially if you don’t like them! Trust us, you won’t enjoy the process!

It’s near enough impossible to think there will ever be the ‘perfect’ Christmas dinner, however with a little bit of organisation and preparation in the run up you can make the day stress-free and enjoyable! Get the family involved and show everybody how convenient the Salter Cook app can be on a busy day in the kitchen. Of course, a little wine may help along the way!

How To Throw A Last Minute Halloween Party

Planning any party can be stressful however when it comes to Halloween there seems to be a lot of pressure to throw the most extravagant and spooky party ever! However, with a few simple and quick recipes as well as easy DIY decorations, throwing a last-minute party has never been easier.HOW TO THROW A LAST MINUTE HALLOWEEN PARTY

  1. Spooky Spider Biscuits 

This super quick recipe could even be completed by little ones at the party as they will love decorating the vanilla biscuits with spooky spider legs and goggly eyes! Simplicity is key when baking last minute and biscuit decorating can act as an activity at the party if you run out of ideas!  DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE HERE

  1. Pumpkin Cupcakes 

Using the iconic vegetable associated with Halloween makes for a brilliant party recipe plus you can make use of your pumpkin carving leftovers! Again, this recipe is quick and easy and will go down a treat with all ages. You could decorate the icing with pumpkin shavings, orange coloured sprinkles or make little pumpkins out of fondant icing.



  1. Chocolate Covered Halloween Pretzels 

Getting perfect melted chocolate to cover the sweet n’ salty pretzels requires the perfect temperature. Using a kitchen thermometer helps to achieve the temperature required; 40-45 degree Celsius, making the process quicker for those in a hurry! These sweet treats can be decorated in any style to make them as scary as you want.



  1. Halloween Pizzas 

For those with less of sweet tooth, these savoury slices are great for parties as they can feed so many! Decorate the pizzas with spiders using peppers, olives, salami or mushrooms. You could even make a healthy version using a cauliflower or sweet potato base as an alternative to wheat-based.HALLOWEEN PIZZA


  1. Frozen Halloween Ghosts 

Only 4 ingredients are required for this recipe and they look really effective once they’ve been dipped in chocolate and desiccated coconut. If your party isn’t so last-minute, you can keep prep them early and leave them in the freezer until the day.



Decorations for Halloween parties are by far one of the most important elements but if you don’t have enough time or money to splash out on fancy lanterns or table decorations, there are some simple yet effective DIY alternatives. One of the most obvious and cost-effective decorations is pumpkin carving! Carve as many pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes, fill them with candles and place all around the venue. They can be used in recipes afterwards or thrown on the compost so completely re-usable! You could even paint or decorate your pumpkins using glitter or craft accessories to make them completely unique!

So, if you decide to celebrate this frightfully fun holiday last minute, you can still enjoy making ghostly treats young and old without the need for precise planning and stress.